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We don’t intend to devote this page to begging you to subscribe but we want to give you a few facts:


Poets subsidise every issue of erbacce. We have to do this to maintain our integrity as asking for support from Councils and Arts foundations would compromise our independence and integrity. We are a radical Journal; we want to publish your work, work which may not be accepted in mainstream Journals, we need to stay RADICAL and INDEPENDENT.


Every single poet whom we accept in erbacce receives a free copy and free postage on that copy no matter where they live on this Globe. That’s because we respect your integrity as poets.


We will continue, in most issues, to feature exceptional poets and these poets, whether they be established or completely new to the poetry-scene, will have a full 18 pages devoted to their work… and of course they’ll receive a free copy.


Poets whom we see as producing exceptional work will be offered the opportunity to have us produce a chap-book of their work for which we will supply free-design, free-type-setting, a free ISSN number and free-publicity. [See the chap-book section] but we also have the facilities to publich a perfect-bound collection for those exceptional few. For more details on this visit our sister site at erbacce-press


So we ask that you do two things:


1) Give us publicity. Make a link to us on your website and/or tell other radical poets of our existence.


2) If you can afford it then take out a subscription. Our subscription              charges are subsidised by the editors. We don’t just offer you the journal at cost price we ourselves pay for the postage and packaging. Individual copies of erbacce cost £4.00 or $6.00. We produce four editions each year and for either £15.00 or $23.00 you can subscribe for a year post-free.


Cheques payable to Andrew Taylor should be sent to:


                                         Andrew Taylor

                                         5 Farrell Close



                                         L31 1BU



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