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Past issues of erbacce

We have no set-format for the Journals although we usually include a brief interview with a poet whose work we deem worthy of being high-lighted as ‘exceptional’. But don’t think we just highlight established poets because we don’t; if the members of the selection panel find someone they

consider to be a ‘rising star’ then such a poet will be offered no less

than half of the Journal to exhibit his/her/its work. This could be you!


Now and again we have a bit of fun and publish a journal wherein all the poets are anonymous and of course we would only include your work

in such a journal with your express permission. But the one we have published to date provoked exceptional feedback as we included some utter rubbish taken from submissions to (spit every time I mention that loathsome parasitical vanity site please) and also the work

of some exceptionally talented poets. People could be seen in pubs

and clubs in NY City, London, Liverpool and even Ho Chi Minh City

trying to separate the good, from the bad and the ugly…


We have also had an Editor's Choice edition wherein Andrew and Alan selected 20 pages each featuring poetry which appealed to them individually. We may publish other anonymous or personal choice

editions in the future and we also may publish individual chap-books under the erbacce imprint if some new poet impresses us immensely.


So use the links. Check out past high-lighted poets. Ask yourself if you want to be in such illustrious company or not. If you do want to join the ranks of poets considered by us to be exceptional in either content or format then submit to us via the submissions page.


NOTE: if you want to conact any of the poets we have published please email us and we'll be happy to pass your email on.





Good Luck.  Whatever you do KEEP WRITING!


Spread the word: we are taking over the garden!