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30. Featuring: Editors' Choice

for Israel and Palestine

the recently-painted room
ex pl o ded –
thirty years
of dust and desperation
dis man (t) led –
buried beneath
cracks in time.

cherished possessions,
like layers
shedding lives.
if these former walls
could talk . . .

shalom, shanti,
peace be with you . . .

and also with you.

Betsy Content Bogert

That Tricky Bastard


tickling our feet
with catfish whiskers;

the nose
with rabbit’s feet;

sprouting weeds
at frozen graveyards;

(those crowded
ghostly wheels)

Melanie Browne

What if Manson

What if Manson had
carved a
rainbow into
his forehead instead
of a swastika?
Everyone knows that
rainbows are
only illusions

Melanie Browne