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28. Featuring Scott Thurston

My Own God

Sooner rather than later
I shall create my own god
Who shall understand
The kind of world I’m trapped in
The woes that accompany me
The short bouts of well being I experience
The artistic flair in me
The creator I am
My philosophy

Sooner rather than later
My own god shall emerge
A spitting image of my moods
My own god
Who shall listen to my songs
Who shall worship me from the pulpit of my mind
My own god
Who I shall destroy
When I deem fit
At the wink of an eye!

Boletilemang Psycho Gabokgatlhe


Hunched behind the counter spread with teaspoons,
Bracelets, neatly-priced, a child-like smile
Almost discernable beneath the map
Of her skin, like an unmade bed.
You could just sit and watch the street outside
And the people change like friends with time.
The clothes hang stiff, clinging to the contours
Of an old body, a familiar shoulder,
A well-established smell.
A man picks up a blouse he brought in yesterday,
Sadly. It has missed the curve of his wife’s breast.

Joel Lane