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27. Featuring Roelof Broekman

Moment as compendium

time is nothing more
than the things they are
in measureless streams
and uncountable cores

points of perceptions
are ideas about gods
unravelling views
in infinite star seas

me is just a cell of space
a sapient in the stream
bogged down in moments
littlest eternities thinkable

all is gone thereafter
self and all

Roelof Broekman


Vertebrae full of surrealism in gusts of lucid frenzy
I shudder, breath pinches the throat like racked by
humanity and her illusory triumphs

I stand in doubt and scream against the infantile power
and her lethal aerial bustle

I impinge against
the stifling crowds
the judgemental unscrupulous
the smoothing phrasemonger
and against my inability

to partake
to connect
to renegade

to stop learning
to disavow pain
and never being left alone

Roelof Broekman