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A Journal to 'celebrate' all that the ordinary people feel about Wills and Kate's million pound wedding...

Literally hundreds of poets sent us submissions and we are delighted to say that none of them supported these parasites... a few samples below:

Royal Wedding Song

Stuff em all!
Stuff em all!
The bastards who
Think they are Royal

Give them no promotion
Throw the twats in the Ocean
Then all stand and cheer
Stuff em all!

Rosa Crippen

David Cameron hears the news of the impending royal nuptials

Hurrah for William and Kate,
Excuse me as I salivate:
The plebs will all be so distracted
I can get all sorts enacted
And nobody will mind the mess
I make of public services if the bride wears a really nice dress;

And I can to let it slip that I
Camped out to cheer for Charles and Di
All night on the Mall, yes I slept rough!
(Which shows I understand homelessness, and am also pretty darned tough!)

Ah! happy days! So raise your glass
To William and his down-to-earth and not at all over-privileged lass
For she’s no longer Waity Katie
And I get to live my dream of taking us all back to the jolly old ‘80s!

Gwen Seabourne