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22. Featuring: Jack Henry (USA)


Joanne Ashcroft; St Helens, UK + Cristogianni Borsella; NY, USA + Chris Brownsword; Dronfield, Derbyshire, UK + Cyndi Dawson; NJ, USA + Zoe Fiander; London, UK + Jesse Freeman; New Orleans, USA + Oritsegbemi E. Jakpa; Waterford, Ireland + Tom Noe; Indiana, USA +Joseph Veronneau; Vermont, USA

dope on a table

a friend offered me
that which i sought
semantics weighed heavy
but a knife cuts quick

what do i seek, i said
we already discussed this, she said
 i do not recall, i said

of course not

she cut four fat lines
atop a beaten end table
early 70s garbage dump couture

you are not what i expected, she said
it’s your fault for having expectations, i said

she watched me inhale each line
without pause or hesitation
i barely offered to share
i am sure i didn’t offer at all

she had addictions as well
not speed
not like me
not a tweaker
a gutter level addiction
without the heroin glamour
the crack head humor
prescription forgiveness
she never really explained
i didn’t ask
i didn’t care
she had dope on the table
what else could i need?

with each tilt of an ocean