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15. Featuring: Judy Kendal

+ Neil Addison + Raymond K Avery + Shimanta Bhattacharyya +           Duncan Broe + Gregory Gilbert Gumbs + Alan Morrison + Misti Rainwater-Lites + Gorden Scrapens



only you


it helps of course

to have some weight

pulling on the rope

but harder to find

are the upturned eyes

that focus

on only you

patched work



… disconnected morphemes floated past



it was perhaps the sixth day that we fished for them

storing our catch in shallow bowls

where they shone, transparent



certainly the temperature shot down


was it at that point that the seamstress was asked

to line language with things?


her needle ran hither and thither

with no time to cut patterns

sewing whatever was nearest to hand


I can see her now

racing the cold



but who remembers the cracking as the ice advanced


   the rising and falling of lights…?


1600 - 1867


For Kanazawa, the Edo period constitutes

a flowering of aesthetic pursuits -

gold leaf







all balanced on the overflowing rice tributes from land

gripped by the firm if ruthless hand of the Maeda clan.

Things haven’t changed, so much that Kanazawa (golden bog)

is now completely water-logged,


a place where only carp and lilies live,

reserved, traditional, conservative.

Yaki Imo


Ringing out - the roasted sweet potato seller`s call

(these days recorded)

Making Rasmalai In Kanazawa


Early summer and it is already 33 degrees.


I unearth Vinita’s gift of rasmalai -

to be made when missing home.


Crushed cardamom seeds

in milk & melted sugar,

bubbling all the while

an old friend drapes

his arm round




Back in the bread basket

who cares who

is sick.


Yoghurt ferments

with good reason.


Delicious rasmalai:

remember to refrigerate before enjoying.

Yaki Imo


Ringing out - the roasted sweet potato seller`s call

(these days recorded)


Y A K I  I M O O O O O


the traffic an accompaniment

in this carpet-covered room.


Maybe I`ll make a curry today

for one,

a carrot, an onion.

A motorbike is buzzing in the distance.


My friend left me a pitta bread

inside the fridge.

Tears fall before I start to chop and

I bless all those who do not look.

It is a cold I have,


a cold.


Still the same old yaki imo call

(tape faded)

the traffic quite loud still.



how your whole life












On I Tow


on i tow on no wot i no

av luv   vul va

yes i sey     yes i sey

may i av luv       vul va i yam

now on w no won         now on w no won

no way            yaw on