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Publishing with erbacce-press

We now publish chapbooks as well as perfect-bound

These chapbooks are published by our sister-site erbacce-press if your work is judged to be of merit, they have 36/40 pages plus a full-colour cover and are registered with an ISBN and logged accordingly.

What are chap-books?

Literally the name derives from ‘Cheap-Books’; they are usually A5 poetry books containing the work of one author, they usually contain around 30/36 pages, sometimes less. Chap books can be self-published on a photo-copier or cheap inkjet printer, or published by a publishing house or your local printer. Often they are rough-and-ready with smudged covers and multiple typos but they serve the purpose; and that is essentially to get the work out there...

BUT, to hell with the ‘usually’s; there are no rules with chap-books; you can publish a short story as a chap-book or even an instruction booklet or jokes or a satirical work or even a brief autobiography if you want to. Try something new is the key. Have a bit of fun and see your work as an easily handled and easily readable book. If you send a chap-book proposal to us we will remove your ID and send it 'blind' to a selection panel; if they like the poems we'll publish your book; simple as that...

If you would like to send us your chap-book proposal, or if you need some free advice, click HERE to email us.

BUT we wont accept just anyone; your work has to be exceptional or radical in some way... we will never lend the erbacce-press imprint name to doggerel so please don't offer to pay us to print your work; if you do we'll bin it!.

Richard Wink