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  • The word ‘erbacce’ stems from the Italian word for ‘weed’, it rhymes with ‘apache’. Like weeds we intend to spread, to grow where we choose, to take over the garden.


  • We will accept poetry submissions that are radical either in form or content; we won't accept you because you are black, female, disabled or because you are a minority of any kind, we will ONLY accept your work if it is worthy of inclusion in our journal. We are totally independent.


  • Submissions via this website or by snail-mail to our office      but you MUST read our 'Submissions' section first:


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  • Editors:        Dr. Alan Corkish and Dr. Andrew Taylor


  • Office:          5 Farrell Close

  •                      Melling

  •                      Liverpool

  •                      L31 1BU

  •                      UK







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